Wash Your Makeup Brushes!

Why is it important to wash your brushes?

1. Your brushes will get damaged a lot faster if you don’t regularly maintain them
2. It will change the colour of your makeup
3. Brushes attract dirt and bacteria, which may cause breakouts and irritations

Ideally, it’s best to shampoo your brushes after every use, but it’s a time consuming task and who really has the time to do that everyday?    Solution: Get the instant brush cleaners that don’t require water! These cleaners are so much more convenient and easy to use.

The product I use is the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner, which is a great anti-bacterial spray I use everyday. All I have to do is spray the cleaner twice onto a Kleenex and then gently roll and swipe the brush onto the Kleenex removing the product.

Here’s what it would look like afterwards:

So as you can see, there was a lot of product left on my brush even after one use!

The daily brush cleaners are useful, but we should still give all our brushes a thorough wash at least every 2 weeks (…I only do this once a month… SHH!)  There are many brush shampoos out there now, but you can also use baby shampoos.

How to wash your brushes:

1. Put a small amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand
2. Gently swirl the brush into the shampoo
3. Lather the bristles with a small amount of water (you’ll see a lot of product coming out)
4. Gently rinse the bristles until the water becomes clear
5. Reshape the brush while damp

*Note: Try not to get any water on the handle or the ferrule of the brush (the ferrule is the part where all the bristles are held together) – having water soaked in that part will cause the bristles to fall out.

How to dry your brushes:

1. Set a towel flat on a surface
2. Wrap the brush in the towel and gently press on the towel to squeeze out excess water
3. Reshape the brush
4. Lay the brushes on a slant as shown above (this will help excess water to drain out)

The brushes will need an entire night’s time to completely dry (approx. 8-12 hours)

Hope this post was helpful for you!
Go go go! Wash those brushes 😉

My New Addiction: Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter

Most of the Revlon, CoverGirl and Maybelline commercials I see on TV don’t interest me much, but on Saturday I saw the Revlon commercial with Emma Stone wearing the new ColourBurst Lip Butter. I was instantly hooked!

She was so pretty and the commercial was so girly and cute! I wanted that Lip Butter she was wearing so much. I got somewhat obsessed and found myself thinking about the product all day long (oh, the power of advertising!).

I’ve been pretty much broke the last couple of months, so this was something I was able to afford in comparison to the $34 Chanel lipgloss I’ve been dying for.

On Sunday, I went to Wal-mart and picked up one of the lip butters and W was a sweetie pie and got it for me. The cost for one lip butter including tax was $9.02, not bad right?

Emma Stone was wearing the colour Peach Parfait in the commercial so of course I got the same one! Right when I got into the car, I tried it on.

Overall review:

– My lips felt soft and moisturized for a couple hours

– The colour was more of a sheer and shiny tint, didn’t look as full coverage on the commercial

– The colour wasn’t as peachy as I expected, but it matched my lip colour and was natural looking

If you’re looking for a long lasting lipstick, this product is definitely not it but it’s a fun little lip balm!

Today on way my home from school, I stopped by at Wal-mart to pick up another shade. This time I got the colour ‘Sweet Tart’, a bright pink colour.  Again, it went on a lot more sheer than I expected but I still like it =)


Here’s my dollie and I enjoying the sun. On my lips is the “Sweet Tart’ shade.


And here’s me with ‘Peach Parfait’, can you see a difference? 😛


So what are your thoughts on this new ColourBurst Lip Balm? Do you think you’ll try it? =)

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide on Marble Nails

Hello there!

Check out my video on how to get the marble manicure look! Marble nails have been very popular lately, probably because they look so cool and because its so easy to do at home!

Tip: Marble nails do consume quite a bit of nail polish, so you may want to hold off on those expensive Chanel colours. Instead, its a great way to finish off some old polishes or some that you just don’t like anymore.

Click below:

dear.miss.yvonne’s Marble Nails


Obsessed with SPF

I am the crazy sunscreen lady!

After many dark spots (not cute like freckles!)  started forming all over my face, I went into a panic attack and went a little crazy with SPF products. I started buying day creams with SPF, foundations and even primers with SPF.

I was one of those people who thought I could be extra safe by increasing the SPF level by using  different sunscreen products.  For example, having a day cream with SPF 10 + foundation with SPF 25 would mean I had a total protection of SPF 35 right? Don’t be fooled! You just end up with the highest SPF protection of 25!

It’s important to wear sunscreen (at least SPF 30)  if you want to prevent wrinkles, dark spots and skin cancer. Remember that even on a gloomy day, sunscreen is still required. Clouds don’t help block out UV rays, so you can still get a sunburn when it’s cloudy outside.

Take a look at the products you’re using now, do any of them have sunscreen in them?  If not, its time for you to go shopping!


Here are a few sunscreen products I use everyday and absolutely love!

  • DiorSkin Forever Compact Foundation with SPF 25 
  • Make Up For Ever UV Prime SPF 50/PA +++
  • Dermaglow SPF 70 Cream
  • Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
What sunscreen products do you recommend?

New love?

Today I fell in love with a beautiful new blush.

It’s been a long time since I wanted something this much!

I’ve been trying to use all the makeup I hoarded over the past few years, and restrained myself on buying anything on numerous occasions.  I haven’t really seen anything I wanted or loved… until today!!

My new love is the Nars blush in Luster, a shimmery gold apricot shade. It’s beautiful! It’s more like a bronzer/highlighter, but I love how settle and peachy it is.  I’m getting a bit bored with my pink cheeks, and I think Luster will be a nice change. =)

Here’s Rachel McAdams with Luster on her cheeks,

Knowing that Rachel McAdams wears it makes me want it even more!

And here’s what it looks like,

What do you think about this Nars blush?

Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

The dry air during the winter season could become bothersome for your skin. If you find yourself  applying moisturizer to your face constantly, or your face still feels tight and dry after applying moisturizer, it maybe a sign to change-up your skin care regimen.

The skin care products which may work perfectly in the summer for you may not be enough in the wintertime.

Lotions and Creams

If your lotion isn’t working out, try a cream instead. Lotions are generally lighter than creams. I find that creams are generally much more moisturizing during the winter time, even though they contain more oil than lotions. However, there are many lotions out there that are moisturizing enough for the wintertime. It will all depend on your skin and skin-type.

My top moisturizer picks for the winter:

Boscia Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer (for oily and acne-prone skin)

DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew (for oily and combination skin)

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream  (for normal to dry skin)


So what’s your winter skin-care regimen?